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Kalikambal Temple - Chennai

Kalikambal Temple is one of the most important religious tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu. This ancient temple is located in Chennai. It is dedicated to Kalikambal deity, also known as Kamakshi Devi and Kamateshwarar. The original location of this temple is believed to be near seashore and it was relocated to its current position during the British rule.


Kalikamba temple’s reputation is beyond words and it is a must visit temple in India. This temple is one of the most pious and powerful temples in the world. Lord Kamatchi graces in marital attire and the very look of her will shatter all our sorrows and her shrine is the boon fountain for childless couples. It is an experienced truth that, if people in need of children visit this temple and pray to the goddess with their heart and soul will be surely blessed with a child very soon.

The temple is visited by childless couples in a great number everyday as it is believed that if a couple eats the Ghee which is offered to Kalikambal Devi daily and is charged with mantras for 48 days, they will definitely be blessed with children. Therefore many couple offer ghee and place it on the feet of Devi Kalikambal.


Previously Kalikambal's fierce Kali form used to be worshipped here but then it was replaced with the graceful Shantiswaroop form. In the temple Devi Kalikambal is enshrined in Padmasana position with Pasha and Angusam in hands and one leg on the flower of lotus. The idol of Goddess Seriya Nayaki is also enshrined in this temple. The temple has 16 pillars with beautiful celestial images on it. Walla and Mandapa are also decorated with paintings and sculptures.


Kalikambal Temple also has a kitchen in its Agnimoola and there is a huge mirror and also Utsava Murtis that attract the tourists a lot. The Kalikambal Temple Chennai temple has a huge Goshala as well where cows are taken care of. In 1667 Chatrapathi Shivaji visited Kalikambal Temple and you can see few images on the walls of the temple depicting Shivaji worshipping the goddess.

How to reach ?

By Air - Chennai is the nearest airport to visit Kalikambal Temple. Anna International Airport is well connected to all the major airports.

By Train - Chennai railway station is well connected to all the major railways stations in India. You can get regular trains from Chennai to reach Kalikambal Temple.

By Road - TSTC buses are always ready to help you visit Kalikambal Temple Chennai. You can also go for private bus services.

Best time to Visit -People can get a look of the Goddess from morning 6 am – 12 pm then in evening from 5.30 pm - 9.00 pm. You can visit this temple during any time of the year but the period between the months of October to March is the best time to visit it.