Guruvayoor is one the most famous religious destinations in God's Own Country and one of the holy abode of Lord Krishna, incarnation of Lord Vishnu. A very busy pilgrim town located in the Thrissur district of Kerala has always has thousands of devotees thronging to this city every year for worship. The temple is often called in the local language as "Bhoologa Vaikundam" meaning "Holy abode of Vishnu on earth". The name Guruvayoor is derived from three words - Guru (Brihaspathi), Vaayu (Wind God) and Oor (Land). It is believed that Guru found a floating Krishna Statue during the start of Kaliyuga and he established this image with the help of Vayu at this place. One of the main attractions here is the idol of Lord Krishna having four arms, each carrying a conch - Panchjanya, a discus - Sudharshana Chakra, the mace - Koumudaki and a lotus respectively. Non Hindus are not allowed in this temple as the management strictly concentrates in Follows the ethic and it is important for every traveler to make a note on it, before planning. The temples strict customs are closely related to a period where Samuthiri Kings ruled parts of Kerala.

Another additional feather to the cap adding beauty to this Guruvayoor temple is that the Krishnattam Kali, a folk dance of Kerala that has originated in this very premises of the Guruvayoor temple. Ever since, Guruvayoor is known to be a famous venue promoting Carnatic music & traditional dance forms. Performing arts in the premises of this temple is an honor for any Carnatic musician and a life time dream as they gain thorough satisfaction and good fame. There are many popular attractions in the city and nearby areas. The elephant sanctuary at Punnathur Kotta, ISKCON centre, the Mammiyur temple , and Chowallur beach are well worth a visit. The Guruvayoor temple is also a popular destination as a special venue for Hindu marriages, as many people believe that beginning this blessed chapter in their lives in the presence of their revered deity is very auspicious.

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