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Rameshwaram City Guide

Attractions : Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple, Agnitheertham, Kothandaramaswamy Temple

About - Rameshwaram City Guide is the most crucial part of any Hindu religious tour or any other temple tours in India. It is called "Vanarasi" of South India and is part of Char Dham Yatra. Rameswaram is believed to be the place from where, according to Hindu mythology, Rama created the bridge across the sea, to reach Lanka with the help of his Vanar Sena. It is the same place where Rama killed the demon king Ravana who abducted Lord Rama's consort Sita and hence it is a very sacred place for the devotees of Rama. The famous pilgrimage site is always crowded by the Hindu devotees who visit Rameshwaram City Guide in large numbers to offer their prayers to Lord Rama. This place also has one of the Jyotirlingas and that is why it is a sacred place for Shaivites as well. It is packed with a number of temples and Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple is a must visit Rameshwaram Tour place among all of them.

How to Reach By Air- At a distance of 180 Km is the nearest airport of Rameshwaram, which is Madurai airport. This is a domestic airport and Chennai Airport is the nearest international airport.

By Train: Mandapam is the nearest railway station which is at a distance of 2 Km from the city. This is well connected with other major cities of South India by railways.

By Road : TNRTC buses are the cheapest way to reach Rameshwaram and there are many deluxe buses also available that connect Rameshwaram Tour with other cities in Tamil Nadu.

Best time to visit It is one of the most important pilgrimage centers and people visit Rameshwaram tourism throughout the year. South India experiences pleasant weather between October to March but summers are also not very uncomfortable here.

Tourist Attractions

Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple - Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and houses one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. This temple is also one of the holiest Hindu Char Dham Shrines. It is believed that at this place Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva to absolve all sins committed by him during his war against demon king Ravana hence Lord Shiva is known as Ramanathaswamy here. It is also believed that the Shivalinga in the Sanctum Sanatorium was installed by Sita Devi.

Agnitheertham - Shallow waters of the sea extended into the land by few meters are known as Theerthams. There are 22 such Theerthams in Rameshwaram and Agnitheertham is one of most popular ones among them. It is believed that Lord Rama took bath in this Theertham after killing demon king Ravana.

Kothandaramaswamy Temple - According to the Hindu mythology Kothandaramaswamy Temple is the place where Vibhishana joined Rama to support him in the war against demon king Ravana. This temple is situated about 12 km far from the city and is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal. It was once damaged during the cyclone in 1964 but the temple structure remained intact even at that time.

Jada Tirtham - Jada Tirtham is a small temple located at a distance of about 3.5 km from the main island. This is built on the place where the king of birds, Jatayu, fell and later died after the fight against Ravana to save Sita Devi. This place is known as Jada Thirtham because Lord Rama washed his Jada or the hair in this temple after the war to purify himself.

The five Faced Hanuman Temple - The Five Faced Hanuman Temple is located at a distance of 2 Km from Ramanathaswamy temple and Rameshwaram City Guide. This is one of the most famous Hanuman temples in South India. It is said that at this place Hanuman revealed his five faced avatar.