Cochin remains the trading centre for spices and sea foods, has narrows islands and saltwater lagoons of the Arabian Sea. Mattancherry Palace constructed by the Portuguese in the mid 1550's was later renovated by the Dutch people. Displays the Palanquilins and textiles and Kerala's' temple art , all painted in red, yellow, black and white warm shades depicting the religious and mythological themes of the episodes of Ramayana. Jewish Synagogue located at the heart of the Jew Town, is one of India's oldest synagogue. Today as an evidence only dozen of families remain from the Jew Family where the others have moved to Israel. The synagogue treasures the beautiful silver and gold torah scrolls, crafted grass pulpits, oil lamps and crystal chandeliers. St. Francis Church built by the Portuguese in 1500's is one of the oldest European churches taken over by the Dutch having many grave stones, and inscriptions on it and holds the pride where famous Vasco da Gama was buried here till 1524 and later taken over by the Portugal after 14 Years. The other attraction would be Chottanikkara temple dedicated to mother Goddess Bagavathy Amman one of the Kerala's Most popular deities. Visit to the Chinese Fishing nets to enjoy the sunset and the local fish markets would be wonderful. People interested to visit the Kathakali dance shows can engage themselves watching the wonderful story play explained with music and traditionally dressed artists where the first hour of the 02 hours play concentrates in explaining the makeup procedures done to the artist and the next hour dedicated for the show.

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