Bangalore is a vibrant cosmopolitan and fifth largest city in India, with the growing population of young IT professionals and formally rewarded as the "Garden City". Visit the Vidahana Soudha, built of granite and porphyry the Secretariat and the State Legislature of Karnataka constructed in 1956. The most notable one is the Rajasthani Jharokhas and the Indo - Saracenic pillars and the wood works inside the place is noteworthy. Next will be the Bangalore Palace built in 1880 modeled on Windsor Castle, with towers and turreted Parapets. Remains one of the famous spot for shooting Indian films. Tipu Sultan Palace stands as a good example for finely embellished balconies, arches and pillars and a replica of Daria Daulaut Bagh in Srirengapatana which was once served as the summer retreat of Tipu Sultan. The Palace retains its original and elegant teak pillars with some paintings on it. Enjoying the dusk in Lal Bagh botanical gardens would be great peace of mind having huge collections of the tropical and sub - tropical plants, where later John Cameron imported several more rare species from Kew Gardens in London.

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Excellent, safe and skilled driver. Very helpful, good advice for shopping, food and safety. Excellent guides at all locations. They expanded our knowledge of all aspects of India.

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I think it is an excellent way to visit places that I have not visited before, because we change our plans and benefit from the driver's experience & advise.

Name : Ms. Anuradha Jagannathan & Family
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