Brihadeeshvara temple

Brihadeeshvara temple, a 1000 year old temple, which is now a UNESCO world heritage site was dedicated to Shiva, was built by Raja raja Chola I. Carved out of a single block of granite stand the huge Nandi weighing 25 tonnes placed near the sanctum. Next destination would be the Royal Palace, which has a lot of historical significance built by Nayaka rulers used as their royal residence and later was remodeled by Marathas.

The special significance is that the palace resembles the shape of a flying eagle. Outside the palace complex is the seven-storeyed observation tower and the durbar hall built in 1684 is a feast to the people who has interest towards the culture. It has lots of paintings and decorated pillars in the walls and the ceilings. Associated to this place are the Raja raja museum and art gallery and Saraswathi Mahal library which have unique collection of antiques, vessels used by the rulers, bronze and copper collection of coins and weapons. Old collection of books and manuscripts can be found in the library. Being located in Tanjore town, often referred as "The rice bowl of Tamil Nadu" and the place which was ruled by the Cholas initially and later by Nayakas and the Marathas. The culture extends beyond the Places and temples and a cultural package of music and dance can also be witnessed here.

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