General Travel Information

Passport and Visa Information: Travelers should hold a 06 months valid, signed passport beyond the completion of their trip to any destination in India. The passport holders are needed to obtain a tourist visa for each entry into India. It is advisable to carry passport size photographs of yours.

Arrival and customs:

It will be easy if you are aware of the customs regulation followed in the airport for smooth assistance. For further details you can get the help of our tour planners, who will guide you giving the details of the terminal, expected place of arrival inside the airport and the point at which you will be met by our tour executive. It is advisable that you carry a copy of the travel documents, travel plan, the schedule of hotels that you will be staying and emergency contact numbers that will all advised by the travel company. Airports in India are occasionally put on short-notice, high-security alerts; and, at these times, passengers can only be met outside the airport building.

Health Information:

Its good to be health precautious and carry the necessary steps needed before your departure from home country. Try to undergo a full medical checkup, if you are suffering from illness and consult a doctor explaining them about your trip and get the needed advise. Get vaccinated which will make you feel more secured from the regional threats and diseases.

Weather and clothing:

Weather in India is normally sunny during the summer and most of the time with moderate climate overall. It is good that you get the advise of the tour palnners based on the region and the period you visit. If you are allergetic to sun then advisable to either postpone the trip to a pleasant season or take precautionary measures like using sun screen and medicines if you think you can manage. While visiting the wildlife, you need to be cautious of the wildlife and the insects that might harm you and so keep in hand the necessary medicines, creams to safeguard from poisonous insect bites, concentrate in wearing dark and woody and deep green clothes matching the back drop of the forest.


Electricity in India, normally runs 220 / 240 volts and if you bring any electrical appliances, take along an International converter kit with a set of adapter plugs.

Food and drink:

Here in India, as food is of high importance, you can get many kind of cuisines and regional foods based on your taste and liking. Spices are given greater importance in South India. Moreover if you are willing to enjoy the Western foods, all kind of quick service restaurants of the same brand that you get in your home country is also available.


Many travelers view tipping as a difficult subject, though this need not be the case. The first thing to remember is that tipping is not compulsory. Nor are there any fixed amounts. The bottom line in determining whether and how much to tip is to ask yourself how much the individual did to make your travel more enjoyable.

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I thank you for such a wonderful arrangement. Everything was superb, be it the tempo, the drivers, the hotels among others. We really had a very nice time and have discovered a lot of miracles in India. Everything was very well organized. While leaving India we were feeling sad as if we were being away from our own country itself. India is such a wonderful country with variety of happenings. I genuinely thank the drivers (Messrs Jagadish, Balaji & Baboo) for their good company, guide and advice; they made us feel at home. They were all very co-operative, friendly and helpful. Last but not the least, we had a very nice trip which we will always cherish in our memory....its unforgettable. India is great.

Name :Ms. Vimala & Family
Nationality :Mauritius