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Planning for a trip to India? The immediate thought that reaches your mind is how about a holiday in South India. Giving you a mixed and diversified flavor of culture and the heritage, South India plays a vital role in offering something interesting to all kind of visitors who steps in. Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Goa being the main parts in the South offers you the mesmerizing and living temples, Nature, wildlife, hill stations, backwaters, beaches for relaxation, monuments and architecture. Tamil Nadu being India’s most magnificent place for the ancient temples and active centers for religious practices. You can notice the different culture prevailing in Pondicherry which still retains a strong French influence. And Kerala being the place for rich natural sceneries and also not compromising in the cultural heritage and Karnataka holds the region’s most Fascinating Historic sites. In order to understand the greatness of South India, if you can change your perspective even the simple things stands notable and when you learn to appreciate its greatness and respect the culture.

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To get a glimpse of all the important destinations and cities in South India, before designing a plan, click on the following links to get an idea of what are all the sightseeing places that can be visited during your stay at each city.

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Have no idea of what places can be included in your plan to South India? Just step in to this link and choose your trip based on different themes available. Here is where you can get a collective information which lists out the places based on the themes.

South India Festivals

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The Indian calendar is literally a series of festivals If you are in the right place at the right time, it is possible to visit India with a festival every day. The harvest festival in the south india, the snake boat race in Kerala...

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Great trip several times in the south india. In Tamil Nadu really is discovered with all its mystical temples. Kerala is "rich" compared to other states, spend 24 hours on a house boat is the dream, Cochin is the old magic...

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South india tour operators Just wanted to thank you for all your help. We had a very memorable trip! You did an excellent job in making all the reservations, coordinated everything really well and we loved all the places we stayed. Saji was very nice. Was on time, helpful courteous and had excellent driving skills. I would recommend him any day to any other travelers. I look forward to planning many more vacations with you and will recommend you to all my friends.  

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Nationality : Indian

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