Pongal is a festival that goes on for four days. The first day of festivities is known as the Bogi Pongal, wherein people worship the sun god and earth. The dish Pongal is made by boiling rice with milk. In fact the first paddy that is harvested is used to make Pongal. As a result, most of the festivals are also related to the agricultural activities of the people. Pongal is one such festival. It is also known as harvest festival.

These festivals are celebrated with different names and rituals in almost all the states of India. Pongal is one of such highly revered festivals celebrated in Tamil Nadu to mark the harvesting of crops by farmers. Bhogi Being the first of the four days celebration, Bhogi gives a good start and encouragement to the people, where they burn the rugs and all unwanted things in the house as a family, symbolizing that a new year and a new life has just begun. Indran being the God of Clouds and rain is the main deity to be remembered that day and the rituals and the way of celebration varies from place to place based on the culture, state and society they live. A bonfire is lit in the night to burn the unwanted and the houses are white washed and cleaned, believing that all their worries, unhappiness, confusions and sins have flewed away.

Pongal Being the grand day of Pongal you can travel towards one of the unique destination where you can get the flavors of culture and cuisine popularly captioned as: The Land of Chettityars. And this being an important festival to the South Indian people named as Pongal “Harvest and thanks giving festival” to the sun god. People take new clothing’s and uses new mud pots and sugarcanes for the celebration. This day is celebrated to thank God for the wonderful and healthy harvest and the profit gained through it. Agriculture being the prime and basic occupation in India, this festival is most honorable among people and sweets and love is distributed to increase the attention and cohesiveness with relatives and friends. Kids and adults get new traditional dress and the dish Pongal is done with different flavors among which the sweet using jaggery and a plain salted Pongal is the famous. Since you are in the town famous for cuisines, you will definitely enjoy the different varieties.

The rice id boiled in a new mud pot cooked using firewoods, and when it boils and overflows, the crowd makes some different tunes using their tongues. Gives a wonderful and a colorful experience. Mattu Pongal and bull taming function day is celebrated as a thanks giving to the cows that has been of great help for ploughing land and irrigation and the cow is fed sugarcanes and the Sakkara Pongal, which are its favorites. This is one of the colorful events that should not be missed by any tourist, since on this day the horns are painted colorfully and the cows are given a comfortable bath in the river. In the afternoon you can get a chance to watch the spectacular and hilarious “Jalli kattu” (bull taming) show at Alanganallur to witness young daredevils attempting to pluck bags of money from a charging bull's horns. This event takes place on the third day of the Pongal festival. Traditionally love and valor have been great virtues of Tamil culture and at Jallikattu they are intertwined. Being the last day of celebration of the Pongal events, Kaanum Pongal is celebrated to respect the ancestors and old age people. Kids and adults get blessings from old people and inturn their parents give them some sweets or money to reciprocate their love.

On this day its has become a tradition for the families to out together and so all the places especially beaches will be too crowded. In the late evening, many events and cultural shows take place and closing ceremony and at last, the overall experience of this festival will be awesome with a happy ending. Some of the events would be lemon on the spoon, relay, slow cycling, giant wheels games, cracking the pot and many dance, skit and singing shows.

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